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iPhone Glass Screen and LCD Replacement

It is very common for many people to treat their new iPhones with the best care during the first few months after purchasing it. But as more days go by, the owner of the device gets more and more relaxed in handling it and will tend to just jam the very delicate iPhone with all other objects inside their bag. If you are an iPhone owner, then you must know that too! Do you just toss your iPhone with all the other stuff you have in your bag? If so, then you should not be surprised to see scratches on your iPhone’s glass screen and even on its body. Also, if you don’t store your very expensive device properly, you should not be surprised when your iPhone displays signs of malfunctioning such as a shattered LCD screen, faulty buttons, and other problems.


There are many reasons why your LCD can get damaged such as dropping your iPhone and the glass screen shatters. The LCD can get affected by the impact of the fall and the pieces of the broken glass can also destroy the LCD in the long run. This very important part of the iPhone can also get damaged when it comes in contact with liquids or exposed to high temperature. In a nutshell, the iPhone should really be handled carefully in order for the owner to be able to use it at least for a number of years. Negligence and lack of proper upkeep can only result in a shortened lifespan for your costly device.


In the event that you suspect that your LCD may be broken, take it to a professional repair service right away. They can determine what type of damage your iPhone is suffering from. Whether it is just the screen that is broken or if the LCD under it was damaged, expert technicians can help you. That the good news for iPhone owners, these days. Professional iPhone repair companies can handle all kinds of iPhone repair services including the replacement of glass screens and even LCD replacement. Glass screen replacements are quite easy to perform but the LCD replacement may need more time and requires expertise. But whatever problem you may be having with your iPhone, it would be a very wise option to consider repair services instead of immediately replacing your broken iPhone with a new one. It is just cheaper and more practical to have it repaired.

Searching For iPhone Repair Shops

If you are the owner of an iPhone, then you must take extra care in handling it as the glass screen is very delicate. An iPhone’s LCD is one of the parts of the device that gets damaged easily. It is not very uncommon to see and hear about iPhone owners accidentally dropping their device or perhaps accidentally sitting on it. The glass screen can get smashed and shattered due to any impact or force put against it. When you have an iPhone, you have to make sure that you take all the necessary care needed to keep your device safe and away from certain accidents that can damage your gadget. After all, you must have spent a lot of money on your device, right? When your LCD screen is broken, it can render your device useless. You may not be able to effectively use your iPhone anymore so the most advisable thing to do is to take your damaged device to a repair shop as early as possible.


Looking for a shop that can repair your broken LCD screen is not that difficult. Also, there are so many options when selecting a good repair shop for your iPhone. You can always search online and you can have access to the best iPhone repair shops that can be found in your area. Another way is to look around in your area for a dependable repair company. These days, one can find almost everything on the internet and iPhone/iPad repair are among the services that you can have access to. However, you have to know that a simple search online can turn up quite a number of iPhone repair companies in your area. You have to make sure that you choose the best one so that you can get a good price for a good repair service. Some iPhone repair shops can charge very high costs and the quality of repairs can also vary. The practical thing to do is to select the iPhone repair company based on their years of service and also on their reputation in your area. Try to ask around, especially from your family or friends that own an iPhone. They might know which among the numerous iPhone repair shops are trustworthy. In any case, choosing an established and reputable iPhone repair company to fix your broken LCD screen is the safest way to go.

Why You Should Avoid Making iPhone Repairs

If you have shelled out the cash for an iPhone, then it is a given that you want to save money whenever possible. However, you should be extremely careful when it comes to dealing with iPhone damage. While your device might be out of warranty, and it could be extremely costly to have it fixed by Apple, it can cost you even more money to attempt to do repairs on your own just because of the level of damage that you can potentially cause. It is recommended that iPhone users do not take risks when it comes to repairs. Whether you have water damage, home button repair needs or a cracked screen that needs to be repaired, you should always first consider looking up professionals to do the job. No matter how easy the job might seem to be, there are always other layers that are involved that you might not be considering. Take the screen, for instance. A broken iPhone screen can be seemingly easy to repair, especially with the plethora of online do it yourself kits that you can order. However, most people don’t realize that there are multiple layers involved with the screen, and it is always risky to handle broken glass. You also need knowledge in terms of the different components that make up the iPhone, to include the LCD, digitizer and other parts. If you aren’t well-versed with each aspect and layer of the iPhone, let professionals do the job.

Do a quick search on Yelp if you need to find a licensed repair shop in your neighborhood. These shops usually provide you with some sort of warranty or proof of quality results. They won’t damage your device beyond repair. They will know if repairs are possible or if replacement is required. Avoid personal injury and completely destroying your iPhone by avoiding doing repairs on your own.

Why You Should Upgrade to iOS 7

You’ve probably heard a lot about the iOS 7 upgrade for iPhones recently. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is testing it out. You’re likely hearing mixed reviews. Some people think it slows things down, while others are raving about it. Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to iOS 7:

Visually, it is different and impressive. It is one of the most significant visual changes to come about in a long time in terms of the iPhone. You’ll notice that even things like the calendar appear to be different.

The App store is better. You can search differently and more effectively for apps. If you have children, you can very quickly see if an app is age appropriate. You can also opt for automatic updates, which means that you no longer have to sit down and physically do everything on your own. This saves time and energy, and brings about the convenience that customers are supposed to have with their iPhone.

It is free to upgrade. It is an upgrade, and it does not cost anything. This should be reason enough to at least try it out. It is certainly beneficial to stay upgraded when it comes to technology because simply speaking, if you don’t, you will fall behind.

It makes it easier for the user to multitask. You can have multiple apps running at the same time. In addition, updates can be utilized while they are still in progress. This means that if you are currently updating something, it can still be used. How convenient is that?

iOS 7 is an upgrade that is recommended. Users should at least give it a try so that they can see the difference in speed, convenience and appearance that everyone is talking about. Give it a try today! What do you have to lose?