Why You Should Upgrade to iOS 7

You’ve probably heard a lot about the iOS 7 upgrade for iPhones recently. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is testing it out. You’re likely hearing mixed reviews. Some people think it slows things down, while others are raving about it. Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to iOS 7:

Visually, it is different and impressive. It is one of the most significant visual changes to come about in a long time in terms of the iPhone. You’ll notice that even things like the calendar appear to be different.

The App store is better. You can search differently and more effectively for apps. If you have children, you can very quickly see if an app is age appropriate. You can also opt for automatic updates, which means that you no longer have to sit down and physically do everything on your own. This saves time and energy, and brings about the convenience that customers are supposed to have with their iPhone.

It is free to upgrade. It is an upgrade, and it does not cost anything. This should be reason enough to at least try it out. It is certainly beneficial to stay upgraded when it comes to technology because simply speaking, if you don’t, you will fall behind.

It makes it easier for the user to multitask. You can have multiple apps running at the same time. In addition, updates can be utilized while they are still in progress. This means that if you are currently updating something, it can still be used. How convenient is that?

iOS 7 is an upgrade that is recommended. Users should at least give it a try so that they can see the difference in speed, convenience and appearance that everyone is talking about. Give it a try today! What do you have to lose?

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