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Are you in need of a speedy smartphone repair? NYC iPhone Repair can help take care of that necessity. In most cases, our repairs take under 20 minutes on all mobile smartphones. And by most cases I mean 99% of the time. We know it is the most painful thing to stay without your fully functional smartphone for a prolonged period of time so we strive to get it back into your hands in no time. Have our mobile phone technicians come to you and repair your device on the spot!

Here at our company, we realize accidents happen. Even to those with the craziest cases and those who are the most careful lucky people in this universe. It happens to the best of us, we drop our iPhone and the screens crack, or drop our iPad in the bathtub and get water on it. Have our technician come to your office today and do the repair on the spot. Most products need immediate repair to prevent further damage to the internals.

NYC iPhone Repair provides a top of the line warranty on our work. We offer a 90 day limited warranty on all parts that were replaced by our company. If the part goes bad or faulty within 90 days and we can reproduce the issue, we will replace it again at no charge. Although we cannot offer the warranty on cracks or damage done to the device due to another drop, we do service the part we changed at no cost if it gives you an issue.

NYC iPhone Repair does not charge you for a device that is not fixed. If you bring in your device and are paying for it to get fixed, we believe it should be fixed not just diagnosed. We only charge you once the device and part we replaced is functioning, as it should be.

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