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From a basement to NYC - our success story
NYC iPhone Repair has a somewhat interesting story behind it. We started off in a basement in Union Square, NYC. After graduating high school my brother and I had an iPhone 4S like the rest of the world. However, again like a large portion of Manhattan, we had cracked screens on our iPhone 4S. We were unwilling to pay for a repair shop to repair our iPhone 4S cracked glass because we saw the cheap parts online. At our own risk we started to dismantle our iPhone’s piece by piece in our little apartment in Midtown Manhattan. After several hours of tedious work, we finally connected our phones and got them to work again.

We realized how much repair shops were making off such a process and started to do this process for college kids. Promising their phone back within a day, we started to help Baruch students, Columbia students, NYU students and we started to repair iPhones for all students in NYC. Although we started with just repairing cracked glass, we started to fix jammed lock buttons on the iPhone 4, unresponsive home buttons on the iPhone 4S, headphone jack repair and many other components. We became the go to iPhone repair shop in NYC for college students.

As we all know, college students can spread a rumor pretty quick. And a rumor that two kids were doing repairs on iPhone 4 iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 within a matter of minutes and at half the cost of repair shops was pretty catchy. We started getting their parents iPad 2 cracked glass, iPad 3 broken screen, iPad 4 broken LCD screen and many other issues with Apple products. We realized this underground apartment was too small to keep up with our customer base.

We opened our first location in Midtown a few years ago and it has been booming. We fic anything from water damage iPhone 5, cracked screen repair on iPhone 5S in NYC, jammed lock button on iPhone 4S, broken speaker, unresponsive home button and many more parts of the iPhone. Our NYC iPhone Repair Shop is the go to place in Midtown Manhattan to get your phone fixed. Whether you are coming from Tribeca, Union Square, Grand Central Terminal, or Penn Station we have locations all over to provide for your needs. Almost all our repairs are done in under 30 minutes and we can fix about any issue on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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