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Q. Do you repair devices other than iPhones?
    YES! We fix all popular smartphones on the market. From Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Note 4, to the Nokia Lumia 920. As long as we can acquire a trustworthy part for your device, we should have no issues repairing it.

Q. Is it the same price to fix any device?
    Unfortunately, every part costs us a different price for each device. To get a proper updated price quote please give us a call with the model number of your device (usually located on the back or under the battery if the battery is removable), and we will give you the most updated price for the type of repair you are inquiring about.

Q. How long does it take you to fix a device?
    Although every device is different here is a list of general time frames. If you need an exact timing, please call us and ask about your device:
    1. iPhone Repair- 15-30 Minutes
    2. iPad Repair- 45-60 Minutes
    3. Samsung Phone Repair- 20-90 Minutes
    4. Samsung Tab Repair- 30-45 Minutes
    5. Nokia Repair- 20-60 Minutes

Q. How do you certify your professionals?
    Every employee that will be working on your device takes a training course before working on any customer device. Once we authorize them to work in our workplace, they go through our 2 week training course as well to ensure they are knowledgeable and are able to troubleshoot devices.
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